Best Antivirus and Malware Removal Software

With the new digital age upon us, computer viruses continue to soar at alarming rates. Unlike viruses and deceptive adware of the past, today’s malware is simply more advanced and hard to detect.

No truer is this then when it comes to cloud based environments, which are just as susceptible as wireless, remote, and digital devices. Even with Wi-Fi and mobile units taking over the market, viruses have adapted to the new digital trends.

Whether intentionally released or a result on hardware errors, viruses continues to cause billions of dollars in damages to computers each year.

To prevent irreparable harm to your hardware and software components – you simply must have a strong anti-virus and anti-malware application within your system.

AVG Technologies

When it comes to anti-virus and anti-malware software, AVG Technologies continues to lead the pack. As a free program, AVG is designed to effectively scan all computers and devices for viruses, adware, malware, and other foreign intrusion.

It also prevents unscrupulous programs, clones, and deceptive files from damaging your system’s registry. The latter is considered the lifeline of any CPU or operating system – and is usually the first target for countless targets.

AVG has user-friendly tools that scan all incoming e-mail attachments, files, documents, and folders – as well as music files, movies, and other media downloads.

If you truly want to protect your system from disruptive viruses, AVG is a free application that has been heralded for providing timely and effective results.


For years, Kaspersky has been on the front line of defense against malicious malware and viruses. Kaspersky features a number of tools that offer optimal scanning against viruses and adware.

The program also quietly runs in the background – and does not conflict with open windows or apps. As one of the top anti-virus programs around, Kaspersky has received stellar reviews from clients and critics alike.

Unless other programs, Kaspersky offers extra monitoring defense – even after daily or weekly scans have been completed. This means you have a virus program that is always running, and even warns users before entering sites that may be suspicious.

From phishing scams to malicious links, Kaspersky offers a new level of defense that truly protects you hardware and software 24/7.


Symantec was one of the first anti-virus companies on the market. With its signature Norton Securities package, the brand continues offer superb anti-virus software and accessories. Symantec was also one of the first programs that covered a range of operating systems and computers.

This included PC and Mac, along with Sony and other leading competitors. Today, Symantec is still on the top 10 list when it comes to anti-virus and anti-malware applications.

Its cloud integration has also enabled it to be used across vast digital networks – and by a range of industries. While a bit pricier than other brands, Symantec tools offer a comprehensive and cohesive defense strategy that stops viruses before the breed.

Malware Bytes

Perhaps the best known anti-malware app is still Malware Bytes. This program removes harmful elements from system registries, and truly detects hidden viruses in any system.

It also scan external hard drives, flash drives, and other media for remnants of old or potentially new viruses.