Bounce House Rentals

Parents are always trying to ensure that the parties they organize for their children are memorable and enjoyable. Instead of arranging for a party in the same room of the house, with similar decor, parents can arrange for a different venue for their child’s party by hiring a bounce house for the party. A bounce house is an inflatable house, which is available for rent at a reasonable rate for the party compared to hiring a separate party venue. More information on bounce house rentals are provided below.


While bounce houses are usually designed for use by children, they can be used by people of all ages. Since they are made from inflatable material, they are usually suitable only for children who are three years or older in age. They are often hired for the birthday parties of children, though they can be hired for any party with a large number of children like Christmas parties. The bounce houses can also be hired for school events and summer camps. Organizers of family functions, flea markets and other events where there are a large number of children can also hire the bounce houses.


One of the main advantages of renting one or more bounce house is that a large number of designs are available in different themes and sizes. So instead of spending time and money on party decor, a different bounce house can be rented for the party. The party organizer usually a parent does not have to worry about clearing one or more rooms in the house so that the party can be held, the company renting the bounce house will set up the party venue. After the party is over, they will uninstall the bounce house, the party organizer does not have to clean up or worry about damage to the rooms by the children.


The rental company is offering a very large variety of bounce houses in different colors, shapes, sizes and designs. Castles are one of most popular themes for bounce houses, with variations with butterflies, flowers, glitter and pirates available. There are some bounce houses with specific themes like safari, sports, snowman, ferris wheel, petting zoo, interactive bounce houses. While the bounce houses are usually installed outdoors, there are smaller bounce houses available for indoor use. There are also a few bounce use designed for adult use, which are larger in size.


The bounce houses are made from high quality PVC, nylon or a blend of these materials, so that they will not get easily damaged. The bounce houses are designed to conform to fire safety standards. They can withstand light rain. The dimensions of each bounce house is specified, so that the capacity can be calculated. Hence based on the number of children or adults attending the party, the party organizer should decide the number of bounce houses required, and rent sufficient number of houses. A power supply should be available within 100 feet of the place where the bounce house is installed, or else a generator may be required.


Depending on the location specified by the event organizer, the rental company will deliver the bounce house rented and also install it. A flat clean surface is required for installation, which the event organizer should provide. The bounce house will be connected to a blower to inflate it to the desired size. The bounce houses delivered are cleaned, hygienic and fully sanitized for safety and health purposes. If children will be using the bounce house, adult supervision is required all the time. After the rental period is over, the staff of the rental company will uninstall the bounce house, pack it and take it away.

Rental period

Typically the rental period for a bounce house is usually 6 to 8 hours. This usually does not include the time required for installation of the bounce house and uninstalling it after the specified period . Since the rental company is spending resources mainly for installing and uninstalling the bounce house, the per day rental charges are lower, if the bounce house is rented for a longer period of time like 3-4 days. Usually a deposit is required while booking a bounce house, and the amount will be adjusted against the rental amount due.