Portable Toilet Types

In need of a porta potty for an event, party, wedding or concert but can’t decide on which one to hire? Here are the different kinds of porta potties you can rent. Take a look!

• Standard/ regular porta potty

This is the most basic porta potty. These porta potties are not flushable. They also don’t come with a sink or handwashing area. These units come with a string construction and secure locking mechanism. Since they don’t offer much f extras, they are the most affordable units. They can be hired in many numbers to cater to a large group of people. Whether you are hosting a party, events, or concert, these units are ideal, especially if you are on a budget.

• Deluxe porta potty

Deluxe porta potties are an improvement of the standard porta potty. They are larger in size and flushable. These units also come with extras such as a sink, handwashing area, mirror and hand sanitizer dispenser. They can be hired in a couple of units to complement the standard units. If you are hosting an event with food or one that requires some basic hygiene, these are affordable units to go for.

• Construction porta potties

Construction port potties are standard units that come with steel or iron bars on the side. These steel bars allow these units to be crane lify6ed into construction sites and moved from floor to floor. Employees don’t have to keep moving from floor to floor to attend to their nature calls. There are also construction porta potties that are built on wheels. They are smaller them the crane hook potties such that they can fit in an elevator. They can be moved from place to place on their wheels.

• Towable trailer porta potty

These are standard porta potties that are set on a trailer with wheels. The trailers are usually made with durable wheels and even brake lights to facilitate safe towing from one place to another. They can be parked without the danger of getting unhooked from the vehicle. These units are suitable for mobile worksites such as roadworks and highway construction, field-based media work, volunteer and disaster relief, and similar jobs. Any towing vehicle can be used for mounting these porta potties.

• Luxury/portable restroom trailers

These are larger trailer units that are commonly referred to as VIP or wedding restrooms. They are the most high-end porta potties thanks to their features. These units come in large trailers that resemble residential restrooms. They feature flushable toilets, a sink and washing area, lighting fixtures, and running water. They also come with a soap or hand sanitizer dispenser, counter space, and mirror. Depending on your needs, they may also come fully furnished with a modern interior, a baby changing station, a urinal, and more. Luxury porta potties come with as many as ten private rooms on a single trailer. There are also different types depending on the consumer’s needs.

• Wheelchair accessible porta potties

These are porta potties designed for people living with disabilities. ADA requires that 5% of all porta potties in a single location should be wheelchair accessible and at least one wheelchair-accessible unit per every ten employees. There is no legal requirement to do so, but it’s thoughtful and fair to provide these nits in an event, party, or construction site.

Wheelchair accessible units are designed to accommodate a wheelchair. They are, therefore, more spacious to allow the user to navigate with the wheelchair. The sides of the unit are also designed with safety rails that are comfortable to grasp and easy to reach in case of an emergency. These units are also designed with a lower seat, a flat entrance, and a slip-resistant floor to avoid tripping and accidents. The doors are also well labeled for privacy.

• Green porta potties

These are porta potties built from environmental materials. These are materials that have either been recycled or reused. Any porta potty can be made into an environmentally-friendly porta potty. These units don’t differ from al the units we have discussed. The only difference is the use of health-conscious cleaning products and services used.

• Solar porta potties

These porta potties are designed to harness the energy of the sun and convert it to electricity. The electricity is then used to power the porta potty, run the taps, flush the toilets, provide air conditioning to keep the bathroom smelling okay, and provide heating for hand drying. Solar porta potties are commonly used for trailer and VIP restrooms.