Fix My Laptop Or Buy A New One?

The question whether I should repair or replace my laptop bothers many people. Many have tried to answer this question but only a few of “should I fix or replace?” victims have gotten the right answer.

In those few of whom have benefited from the right answer, more than half of them are not satisfied, and they are still on Google looking for more answers.

This makes either way the answer is still expensive to most of the laptop users. To get to know the best solution to this disturbing question, various factors need to be considered.

These include the amount of cash required for repair compared with that of a new one, the age of the broken laptop, warranty, etc. on this post some of these various factors are stated and well outlined so as to make it easy for you to make a decision.

What is the problem?

Before making any decision on the matter, troubleshooting the problem is the best thing you should ever do. Sometimes the computer might be working as well as it should be and the problem is you are overloading it with tasks and running heavy programs and games that require more powerful processor than what your computer has.

This is important to you and your pocket too it eliminates the errors that could be made by making assumptions. Checking the specifications for the software and programs require should be the first thing you should do.

If everything related to software and programs is right then try to troubleshoot problems; various websites provides users with guides on how to troubleshoot a problem.

Consult a tech-savvy

Now you know the root of your problem; if it’s a small problem, most likely you have a solution to it, and you’ve also made a decision in which way to got. But if you haven’t here is another step you consider, remember assumptions may lead to losses that could have been avoided if never made.

The consulting professional technician can be of help it may cost some dollars but it can save you more. Qualified technicians will find the problem to your laptop and according to their experience they will give you an advice n that way to go.

The judgment made by the technician is not always right. There are other factors that you should consider before making the final decision.

How old is the laptop

According to the consumer report guide a laptop with less than two years of age is worth repairing while that beyond five years is not.

Cost of repair

The amount of money to be used for repair is another key factor that requires to be considered answering the question. If the cost of repair is beyond 75% of the laptop’s price buying, a new one can be the best choice. If the repair is not so costly, then La Mesa computer repair is the answer.

Repairs warrant

Warranty given by the technician also needs to be considered before coming up with the answer, for example, most technicians do not offer a warranty beyond three months if the condition of the computer is critical.

Other factors you need to consider are, is the repair shop secure, what if my laptop gets damaged at the repair shop, and the length of repair.

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How To Fix A Broken Computer

No matter how much we try to be gentle and safe, it’s impossible to prevent our computers from falling or spilled on. It is also important to note that, you can fix a computer without taking it to a computer shop or the manufacturer.

This is so because some problems are inexpensive and can be easily fixed with simple tools, common spare parts and little effort.

However, it is important to note that computer systems are a little different and thus may need somewhat different approach. We are going to learn how to fix a broken computer screen in an easy way.

Fixing a damaged screen

Before beginning, make sure you have the right tools. They include:

  • Flat working area e.g. a table- A flat area is ideal whether you will stand or sit
  • Magnetic screw driver (small-head)- This enables screws bond to the head, preventing them from falling everywhere
  • Safety needle/pin- Used for removing cover stickers that hide screws on the laptop
  • Small container- For storing small screws that are easy to get lost

General steps:

  1. Unplug the laptop from the adapter and remove the battery as well for safety purposes
  2. Locate the cover stickers hiding the screws in order to remove them
  3. Using a sharp and pointed object, carefully remove the cover stickers
  4. The screws are now exposed, use a screw driver to remove them
  5. With much care begin prying the screen bezel from the screen case’s back side
  6. After unsnapping the screen bezel, you will find the screen bezel is protected to metal frame bits on each side
  7. Now you’ll find the LCD fixed to a metal frame on both sides. Unscrew the two screws, securing the metallic frame parts to the rear screen case. This enables you to lift the LCD away from the rear screen case
  8. Remove the screws holding the LCD
  9. At this point, you need to set the LCD down facing the keyboard (careful to prevent force on the video cable fixed to the LCD’s back
  10. Now remove the video cable from the LCD. Just slowly pull it away from the screen
  11. Completely remove the broken LCD and just put the new one as way the old one was. Reconnect the video cable and place it or other tape same way as before
  12. Put the new screen in the side frame parts, the re-protect it as the first one. In most cases, they are generally three screws on both sides of the metallic frame parts.
  13. When it comes to placing back the bezel, push the bezel back into snaps of the back side of the screen case. Make sure the bezel is totally snapped to its position with any cracks around the screen case’s edges. Finally, using the safety pin reconnect the gluey screw covers.

After you are through and succeeded, you should have a shiny, new and functioning computer screen. Put back the battery and test the computer.

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Learn About Virus Removal

A computer virus is a piece of code or a small program that is loaded into your computer or smartphone without your knowledge for the purpose of interfering with how the operating systems works, steal or erase information, or even destroy the whole system.

Computer viruses are mostly made by hackers or other malicious people for their benefit. Most of the computer viruses made today have an ability to reproduce themselves. How dangerous a computer virus is cannot be determined by the length of the code used to program it.

The following are symptoms that will help you determine whether your computer is infected with a Malware or not.

Ads Pop Ups

This is a small advertisement banner that emerges when your computer is connected to the Internet. Most browsers contain an inbuilt adblocker that prevents ads pop-ups while you are surfing the web.

The browsers inbuilt pop blockers are not strong enough to keep you away from the ads that result from a virus inside the computer. If you see frequent pop-ups and even whenever you browsers are not running, please note there is a possibility that your computer or your smartphone is infected with a type of a computer virus known as adware.

Most of the websites with free contents for download like movies and music contains a link that if clicked they automatically starts downloading an adware. Having a well up to date anti-virus will keep safe from such.

If you computer is already infected, you can download buy antivirus such as Kaspersky, Spybot and search & destroy.

Tools and programs are inaccessible

Sometimes if a computer is a virus infected it keeps you away from accessing your important files and programs, your computer can be often free. If you detect such a problem, it will recommend you hit ctrl + alt + delete all at the same time, and this would lead to a window showing you all tasks that are running.

If you come across the name of a program that is unfamiliar, it is advisable to search it on your favorite search engine to confirm whether the type of program is a part of your operating system if it is not, just know your computer is infected with malware.

In some instances hitting the ctrl + alt + delete may not have an effect and this is a sign of virus infected the computer. To remove such an anti-virus, it is required for one to use a deep scanning anti-virus such as Malwarebytes to remove the virus or consult a computer technician.

Internet Speed

Your computer not exhibiting the other symptoms does not mean that your computer is free from viruses.

There are very powerful malware that hide behind files or images, and they can only be detected by checking your Internet speed and comparing it with what your ISP is providing you, there may be a slight difference but a huge difference means that your computer is infected.

This type of viruses can be removed using strong anti-viruses like Kaspersky, Malwarebytes.

Please note, there are several symptoms of a virus infected, the above mentioned are the most common and apart from the tools for virus removal mentioned here there are many others some paid and others free.

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Best Antivirus and Malware Removal Software

With the new digital age upon us, computer viruses continue to soar at alarming rates. Unlike viruses and deceptive adware of the past, today’s malware is simply more advanced and hard to detect.

No truer is this then when it comes to cloud based environments, which are just as susceptible as wireless, remote, and digital devices. Even with Wi-Fi and mobile units taking over the market, viruses have adapted to the new digital trends.

Whether intentionally released or a result on hardware errors, viruses continues to cause billions of dollars in damages to computers each year.

To prevent irreparable harm to your hardware and software components – you simply must have a strong anti-virus and anti-malware application within your system.

AVG Technologies

When it comes to anti-virus and anti-malware software, AVG Technologies continues to lead the pack. As a free program, AVG is designed to effectively scan all computers and devices for viruses, adware, malware, and other foreign intrusion.

It also prevents unscrupulous programs, clones, and deceptive files from damaging your system’s registry. The latter is considered the lifeline of any CPU or operating system – and is usually the first target for countless targets.

AVG has user-friendly tools that scan all incoming e-mail attachments, files, documents, and folders – as well as music files, movies, and other media downloads.

If you truly want to protect your system from disruptive viruses, AVG is a free application that has been heralded for providing timely and effective results.


For years, Kaspersky has been on the front line of defense against malicious malware and viruses. Kaspersky features a number of tools that offer optimal scanning against viruses and adware.

The program also quietly runs in the background – and does not conflict with open windows or apps. As one of the top anti-virus programs around, Kaspersky has received stellar reviews from clients and critics alike.

Unless other programs, Kaspersky offers extra monitoring defense – even after daily or weekly scans have been completed. This means you have a virus program that is always running, and even warns users before entering sites that may be suspicious.

From phishing scams to malicious links, Kaspersky offers a new level of defense that truly protects you hardware and software 24/7.


Symantec was one of the first anti-virus companies on the market. With its signature Norton Securities package, the brand continues offer superb anti-virus software and accessories. Symantec was also one of the first programs that covered a range of operating systems and computers.

This included PC and Mac, along with Sony and other leading competitors. Today, Symantec is still on the top 10 list when it comes to anti-virus and anti-malware applications.

Its cloud integration has also enabled it to be used across vast digital networks – and by a range of industries. While a bit pricier than other brands, Symantec tools offer a comprehensive and cohesive defense strategy that stops viruses before the breed.

Malware Bytes

Perhaps the best known anti-malware app is still Malware Bytes. This program removes harmful elements from system registries, and truly detects hidden viruses in any system.

It also scan external hard drives, flash drives, and other media for remnants of old or potentially new viruses.

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Picking The Right Computer Repair Company

If you have ever owned a computer you know that they can go on the fritz from time to time. In fact, they can sometimes stop working when you most need them.

You don’t need to buy a new computer every time the one you have is acting up – they are expensive and furthermore, with a little repair, your computer should be as good as new.

However, you have to choose the right Sacramento computer repair company – they all claim that they are the best at what they do but obviously there are some that are better than others.

Here is what you should take into account if you want to choose the best computer repair company:

• Look at their track record – do they have a long list of happy customers? You can ask them to provide you with the contact information of the owners of the last 3 computers that they repaired. Call them up and ask them if they would choose the same computer repair company if they had a problem in the future.

• Experience matters a lot when it comes to computer repair. You want a company that has been operational for at least 5 years. That way, they have experience with different computer models and they know how to deal with a variety of problems. If your computer is a Mac you should be especially careful to find out whether they have experience with Macs – they are built a bit different.

• Before you surrender your computer over to a repair company you should check online and see what kind of ratings they have. Look on repair sites like Yelp! And Google+ and any other review sites that are local to your area. Be careful – if a review looks too good to be true it probably is.

• Find out how long the company has been in your area. Most people don’t think about this but it’s an important factor to take into account. Bad companies don’t stay in one place for too long. Also, if they have been in your area for at least a few years you know that you can trust them.

• Does the company that you have in mind give you a guarantee? All good computer companies give guarantees so that their so that their clients can know that their repairs can be trusted. Check how long the guarantee is for – it should be at least 6 months long if it’s going to be useful.

• Find out how long they will take to repair your computer – you use it all the time and you don’t want to miss it for more than a few days. Unless the computer needs parts that are not available good companies can usually repair a computer in a matter of hours.

• Compare prices before you hire – you will notice that there is a variation – some charge more than others for the same repairs. That said, don’t choose a computer repair company because they are cheap – they could be so because they take shortcuts.

These tips should help you find the best computer repair company in your area.

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