How To Fix A Broken Computer

No matter how much we try to be gentle and safe, it’s impossible to prevent our computers from falling or spilled on. It is also important to note that, you can fix a computer without taking it to a computer shop or the manufacturer.

This is so because some problems are inexpensive and can be easily fixed with simple tools, common spare parts and little effort.

However, it is important to note that computer systems are a little different and thus may need somewhat different approach. We are going to learn how to fix a broken computer screen in an easy way.

Fixing a damaged screen

Before beginning, make sure you have the right tools. They include:

  • Flat working area e.g. a table- A flat area is ideal whether you will stand or sit
  • Magnetic screw driver (small-head)- This enables screws bond to the head, preventing them from falling everywhere
  • Safety needle/pin- Used for removing cover stickers that hide screws on the laptop
  • Small container- For storing small screws that are easy to get lost

General steps:

  1. Unplug the laptop from the adapter and remove the battery as well for safety purposes
  2. Locate the cover stickers hiding the screws in order to remove them
  3. Using a sharp and pointed object, carefully remove the cover stickers
  4. The screws are now exposed, use a screw driver to remove them
  5. With much care begin prying the screen bezel from the screen case’s back side
  6. After unsnapping the screen bezel, you will find the screen bezel is protected to metal frame bits on each side
  7. Now you’ll find the LCD fixed to a metal frame on both sides. Unscrew the two screws, securing the metallic frame parts to the rear screen case. This enables you to lift the LCD away from the rear screen case
  8. Remove the screws holding the LCD
  9. At this point, you need to set the LCD down facing the keyboard (careful to prevent force on the video cable fixed to the LCD’s back
  10. Now remove the video cable from the LCD. Just slowly pull it away from the screen
  11. Completely remove the broken LCD and just put the new one as way the old one was. Reconnect the video cable and place it or other tape same way as before
  12. Put the new screen in the side frame parts, the re-protect it as the first one. In most cases, they are generally three screws on both sides of the metallic frame parts.
  13. When it comes to placing back the bezel, push the bezel back into snaps of the back side of the screen case. Make sure the bezel is totally snapped to its position with any cracks around the screen case’s edges. Finally, using the safety pin reconnect the gluey screw covers.

After you are through and succeeded, you should have a shiny, new and functioning computer screen. Put back the battery and test the computer.